Orchha: The Temples

On our second day in Orchha, we spent the morning and the early afternoon exploring the fort and palaces while the latter half of the afternoon was dedicated to visiting the temples. The town of Orchha has three main historical temples – Chaturbhuj temple, Ram Raja temple and Lakshminarayana temple. The first two are directly … Continue reading Orchha: The Temples

Orchha: The Fort

Our second day in Orchha was all about exploring the historical structures of the town starting with its crown jewel – the vast Orchha Fort. We started early and after having breakfast at the hotel, we made our way towards the fort. During our walk to the fort we came across a couple of medieval … Continue reading Orchha: The Fort

Kaza: Kye and Kibber

After five days of hectic travelling and sightseeing, we decided to go slightly easy on the sixth day of our journey. The two major sightseeing destinations that we had earmarked for the day were Kye monastery and Kibber village. We woke up late and had a slow and leisurely morning with a nice breakfast. Finally, … Continue reading Kaza: Kye and Kibber